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Parlamondo was founded in 1998 and is specialised in providing language services. Our team is made up of mother tongue professionals with a wide experience in the field of language training, translation and interpreting.

We meet our clients’ many needs and requests with experience, professionalism and competence and we guarantee a high quality service.

In January 2012 we were awarded the ISO 9001-2015
quality certificate for language training.


Our staff is our strength.
All staff working for Parlamondo, from our administration staff to our language teachers, from our translators to our interpreters, stand out for their professionalism and initiative.




Area Manager
Translation and Interpreting


Area Manager
Teaching & Training


Training & Development


Our success is built on two main strengths: dynamism and flexibility.

We bring our experience and professionalism to the corporate reality of our clients by developing high quality customised training courses and language services that match the company's culture and needs.

Parlamondo’s objective, which has been confirmed over the years, is to work with and support our partners in developing and enhancing effective communication skills in a constantly changing international environment.


The initial and final language level tests are extremely important for effective course planning and an objective evaluation of the attainment level at the end of the learning project.
The result in numerical form refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CFER) and international linguistic standards.
The test consists of a 45-minute written (multiple choice) test and an oral interview of 10 minutes.

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A project for every need

The successful outcome of every single training project is the objective that we have pursued with constant enthusiasm since 1998.

Each project is “personalised” at every stage: briefing, entry test, presentation, training, monitoring, evaluation and client satisfaction.

Our team of trainers is made up of native or bilingual professionals who share our philosophy. Their work is coordinated by our director of studies, who supports teachers in terms of constantly evolving new and interesting teaching resources in line with the objectives of each individual client.

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Financed training courses

Group courses are designed for those who are interested in acquiring communication skills in a new language, in consolidating previous learning or in improving their language level to reach a new objective.

Study groups are small (4-6 students) and we make sure that all students within a group share the same level of language skills. This, combined with the communicative method adopted by dynamic mother tongue teachers, means that students achieve excellent results.

The recommended minimum number of hours is 40 with one or two 90/120-minute lessons a week. Days and times are scheduled in agreement with the participants or with the HR manager in case of in-company courses.
Courses can start at any moment during the year.

minimum module: 40 hours
All languages
1-2 weekly meetings
of 90/120 min.
At Parlamondo
or in company

One-to-one courses are designed for those who need a personalised learning programme in terms of the specific goals and/or the scheduling of the course. In order to guarantee excellent results, the course is tailored to the precise objectives and expectations of the client.

One-to-one lessons can be programmed with maximum flexibility during the week from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.
The recommended minimum lesson time is one 120-minute meeting a week.

The individual programmes can run alongside other courses.

Plus point: personalisation of topics and training needs according to client specifications.

According to objectives
All languages
As agreed
At our school or
at your premises

An intensive course has clear and precise objectives to be met in a short period of time. It can be designed for a maximum of three people in a single study group as long as the language level and the objectives are the same.

Objectives and programme: the didactic programme is designed according to the specific needs of the participants to guarantee a perfect correspondence between lesson content and individual requirements. The course can be adapted to study a specific business area or sector–specific language (fashion, technical, administration etc).

Attendance: 8 hours a day for one week Monday to Friday. The course can also run over two weeks (semi-intensive) with 4 hours of lessons a day.

Plus points: maximum personalisation; 2-3 teachers alternately take the class in order to keep interest and attention levels high; lunch is taken with the teacher to develop socialising skills.

40 hours
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian for foreigners
1 week
Mon to Fri 9.00 - 17.00
At our school or
at your premises

Objective: the same as in a face to face course: to strengthen knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and syntax and to develop the ability to interact with, and understand, others.

As in one-to-one courses the lesson content can be personalised and contextualised to a specific sector.

A computer and internet access is all that is necessary to follow the course. Lessons are held by video call with Skype or a similar application.

Plus point: continuity in teaching and learning and total flexibility in managing lessons.

Minimum module: 16 lessons
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian for foreigners
Recommended 2 x 30 min. lessons per week
Broadband connection, webcam and skype installed.

Designed for those who have frequent telephone contact with foreign interlocutors or who simply want to improve their conversation skills and keep in practice.

Objectives: start and manage formal and informal telephone conversations, improve use of telephone language and fluency; develop listening comprehension and oral interaction skills with native speakers of other languages.

Duration and booking: each telephone conversation lasts 15 minutes; each call can be booked by accessing the booking file and reserving the day, time and teacher.

Minimum 4 x 15 min contacts
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Recommended 2 contacts per week

Effective communication must bear in mind the many aspects of the communicative act: social, cultural, behavioural, empathetic. There is never a moment when we are not communicating something.
Our exclusive workshops in English as an International Language are hands-on and practical. They are held by highly qualified tutors with considerable experience in the field and can be customised to the needs of your company or of a single individual.


    For most people speaking in public, whether in the professional or personal field, is difficult and stressful. But what is the problem? Why should any intelligent individual who has been able to speak since early childhood feel ill at ease standing in front of more than one person and expressing his or her thoughts to them?

    This workshop provides essential guidelines for giving an interesting and engaging presentation in a natural and effective manner. Participants learn to plan and give presentations, to handle difficult situations and to effectively manage the Q&A session.


    The teaching programme includes an introduction to presentation techniques, communication theory, self-development exercises, interactive discussions and practice.

    All participants are filmed and each one of them will prepare two micro presentations and two longer ones during the two days of the workshop. The presentations will be analysed and commented on immediately.

    Duration: 2 days for 8 hours a day or 4 days for 4 hours a day.

    Recommended number of participants: between 4 and 8


    This is a 360° workshop for those who want to learn to communicate effectively.

    The aim of the workshop is to give participants the necessary tools for managing conferences, e-mail communication, phone calls, social media and meetings. All the main areas of communication are covered with the possibility of a more in-depth focus on aspects which cause particular difficulties.


    Participants will acquire new tools for effective communication and will take part in practical interactive sessions tailored on their own business sector. Their communication skills will be assessed during practical case-study activities and role-plays.

    Duration: 2 days for 8 hours a day

    Number of participants: between 10 and 12


    This is a practical workshop which aims at improving written communication skills. The way we write is often more severely judged, and says more about us, than the content of our writing.

    Through presentations and writing exercises, this workshop teaches and analyses the fundamental elements of business writing. It covers the planning, formatting and writing of effective letters, emails and memos. It offers suggestions on how to avoid the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as time-saving strategies to write impactful emails . Form and style are also covered.

    The workshop focuses on providing participants with the tools to improve and refine their skills for writing memos, e-mails or commercial letters in English.


    Learners will acquire essential knowledge of the fundamental aspects of effective and impactful communication. Participants will take part in writing activities and quick and effective document production activities. They will also acquire key knowledge for handling difficult situations. As well as taking part in the group workshop, participants will receive individual feedback on their writing assignments.

    Duration: 1 day for 8 hours

    Number of participants: between 10 and 12


    Emotional intelligence and sensitivity are at the basis of good communication skills. Practicing refining our social skills and raising our awareness of their importance can be very useful activities in the world of business. People judge our potential on the basis of our ability to convince, amuse, empathise and socialise with others. In fact, nobody is keen to do business with someone they do not trust or who does not appear to be on the same wavelength. We all want to be in contact with people who give us positive feedback and who show an interest in communicating.

    The seminar focuses on developing these abilities, on encouraging participants to socialise and to familiarise themselves with available technologies in order to develop their awareness of their own social skills.


    Participants acquire an effective set of communication skills, and take part in practical interactive sessions tailored on their specific area of business. Their social skills will be assessed during practical case-study activities and role-plays.

    Duration: 1 day for 8 hours

    Number of participants: between 8 and 10

  • Team Building and Negotiatin skills residential course (3 days)

    This 3-day residential course covers all aspects of communication and focuses on negotiation to improve language skills, relational skills in commercial agreements and to provide fundamental knowledge for the positive outcome of negotiating. Since it is a residential course, the Team Building aspect is constantly present and, for this reason, the seminar is particularly suited for corporate organizations who wish to develop the relationships with and among their team members.

    This is a highly effective, impactful and entirely customizable project.

    The course normally takes place in an agritourism structure but it's also possibile to suggest a location of your own choice.


    Participants will be constantly involved in classroom-based activities, role-play activities, net working and social moments.

    Duration: 3 days - residential

    Number of participants: between 6 and 12


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When you need a translation that you can rely on for its accuracy, we guarantee a result that meets your needs.

We offer:

  • - Translations from/into European and other languages
  • - Translations revised by a second professional translator
  • - Certified (sworn) translations
  • - Legalised translations with Apostille
  • - Translation of video recordings
  • - Transcription of video recordings
  • - Revision to verify the accuracy of your foreign language texts.

Glossaries and Personalised Memories

By creating a personalised memory for a client we can optimize future translation costs and maintain coherence in terminology over time.

Desktop Publishing

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) service can create or reproduce the layout of translated texts in one or more languages, for software, manuals, websites, etc. From translation to the finished product.



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We guarantee the support of an experienced professional interpreter to assist you in taking part in conversations, negotiations or conferences in different languages.

What kind of service do you need?

  • - The interpreter works with small groups, translating technical and commercial content: useful for business meetings, company visits, technical training.
  • - The interpreter takes notes while listening to the speaker and translates during pauses in the discourse: useful for short talks.
  • - The interpreter works with one person, whispering the translation to him/her in real time: useful for debates, auctions, talk shows.
  • - The interpreter translates simultaneously to participants through headphones: useful for international conferences and meetings.

We can provide all the necessary technical equipment to carry out the above services.




Parlamondo is constantly looking for original and innovative ideas.
We listen to your every suggestion or request and combine them with our skill in
planning highly exciting and effective courses and events


English for the Hotel Industry is tailored to the hospitality sector. The course has a practical slant, like a training workshop (where you learn by doing), with multimedia content and teaching units such as seminars, listening and support units, practice and training units.
Our effective and detailed syllabus considers will consider all the most common aspects and situations

Contact us for further information.

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There is no better way to learn and test your language skills than immersing yourself in the language.
For our study trips we rely on a collaboration with OISE, a trusted partner which we have chosen for its high quality and reliable service.

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How can you make your foreign guests feel completely at the centre of your attention?
By offering them a fun, unique and original service.

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Lavori in Risorse Umane? Vuoi perfezionare i tuoi colloqui in Inglese e sentirti più fluent? Per info visita il nostro sito o contatta il numero 3487042003

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Porta l'Inghilterra a casa tua! Aiuta i tuoi bambini a imparare l'Inglese in modo divertente! Per info visita il nostro sito o contatta il numero 3487042003

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OGGI PARLIAMO DI… Collegati alle ore 8.00 per 30 minuti per discorrere di attualità in lingua 30 minuti 2 volte la settimana collegandoti da dove ti trovi per discorrere di argomenti di attualità in lingua per mantenere la lingua attiva e implementare il tuo vocabolario. Per info contatta il n.3487042003 o visita il sito

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AN A-Z FOR TRAVELLERS Vuoi acquisire sicurezza per viaggiare? Iscriviti ai nostri corsi online con Insegnati dedicati Obiettivi: fornire ai partecipanti la lingua e la sicurezza necessarie per un viaggio senza intoppi nei paesi di lingua inglese. Evitare i rischi di una cattiva comunicazione ed evitare incomprensioni Imparare a comunicare in modo naturale e spontaneo per sentirsi a proprio agio durante tutto il viaggio Esercizi pratici in lingua per comunicare nei paesi di lingua inglese durante un viaggio in situazioni quali: aeroporto, autonoleggio, stazione treni/autobus, hotel, ristorante, farmacia, ospedale. Chiedere informazioni stradali e fare la spesa. Contatta il n.3487042003 o visita il sito

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I FALSE FRIENDS sono delle parole in Inglese che vengono spesso confuse perchè assomigliano all'italiano ma che in realtà hanno un significato completamente diverso e di conseguenza sono FALSI AMICI! Non sbagliare più traduzione! Contatta il n.34870422003 o visita il sito

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Ci sono parole in lingue diverse che esprimono concetti o azioni complesse difficilmente traducibili in italiano con una sola parola, come appunto Cafunè che, in portoghese, significa accarezzare i capelli dell'amata/o. Se ti trovi in situazioni in cui le traduzioni possono essere poco immediate, rivolgiti a noi... le tue parole saranno le nostre!! Per info visita il sito o contatta il numero 3487042003

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Il successo comincia con IELTS: è il tuo risultato finale che conta. IELTS viene accettato come prova di padronanza della lingua inglese per l’istruzione superiore e la migrazione nel mondo. Investi sul tuo futuro con Parlamondo! Per info visita il sito o contatta il numero 3487042003

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POCKET ENGLISH - Corsi tascabili che potrai fare dove e quando vuoi tu con insegnanti dedicati. Per info visita il nostro sito

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